Griffin Museum of Photography (Group) Winter Solstice - Boston MA (Dec ’22)
New York Center for Photography (Juried Group) Urban, Suburban, Rural - NYC (Jul ‘22) Honorable Mention
Int’l Cultural Center Gallery @Texas Tech Univ (Juried Group) Structures of the World - Lubbock TX (Jul ‘22)
Griffin Museum of Photography (Juried Group) Vantage Point - Boston MA (Jun ‘22)
SE Center of Photography (Juried Group) Forgotten - Greenville SC (Jun ’22)
Int’l Cultural Ctr (Juried Group) Structures of the World - Lubbock TX (Jul ‘22)
Praxis Gallery (Juried Group) Words, Words, Words - Minneapolis (May ’22)
Griffin Museum of Photography (Juried Group) Once Upon a Time... - Boston MA (Nov ’21)
SE Ctr of Photography (Juried Group) Contemporary Landscape - Greenville SC (Nov ’21)
SxSE Gallery (Juried Group) Urban Landscapes - Molena GA (Oct ’21)
Slow Exposures (Juried Group) Rural South - Zebulon GA (Sep ’21)
Media Capital/Betsy Lueke Gallery Photo Expo’21 (Group) Burbank CA (Aug ’21)
SE Ctr of Photography (Juried Group) Portals - Greenville SC (Sep ’21)
City of Santa Clarita (Juried Group) Moments of Zen - Santa Clarita CA (Jul ’21)
Davis Orton Gallery (Portfolio) OhiYo’ - Hudson NY (Jun ’21)
Int’l Cultural Ctr (Juried Group) Monuments of the World - Lubbock TX (May’21)
Los Angeles Ctr of Photography Street Shooting Around the World - 1st Prize Series (Apr '21)
Neutra Gallery (Solo) The LA River: A City Run Through It - Los Angeles (Apr '21)
Slow Exposures (Juried Group) Dog & Pony Show - Zebulon GA (Mar '21)
Hive Gallery (Group) California Love - a Visual Mixtape - Los Angeles (Mar '21)
California Museum of Photography (Juried Group) Art in the Plague Year - Riverside CA (Jan '21)
Int’l Cultural Center Gallery @Texas Tech Univ (Juried Group) High & Dry#20 - Lubbock TX (Dec '20)
SE Center for Photography (Juried Group) Forsaken - Greenville SC (Oct '20)
SE Center for Photography (Juried Group) Color - Greenville SC (Sep '20)
SxSE Gallery (Juried Group) The Road - Molena GA - Jul '20
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Solo) Naked Triangles - West Hollywood CA (Feb '20)
SE Center for Photography (Juried Group) Portals - Greenville SC (Jan '20)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) Floating Worlds - West Hollywood CA (Jan '20)
SxSE Gallery (Juried Group) The Southern Landscape - Molena GA (Jan '20)
Lightbox Gallery (Juried Group) Dreaming in Color - Astoria OR (Nov '19)
Int’l Cultural Center Gallery @Texas Tech Univ (Juried Group) High & Dry#19 - Lubbock TX (Nov '19)
SE Ctr for Photography (Juried Group) Forgotten - Greenville SC (Nov '19)
Memorial Union Gallery (juried Group) Collective (In)Action - Fargo ND (Oct '19) 
Open Show Los Angeles#54/DNJ Gallery (Juried Group) Susquehanna - Santa Monica  (Aug '19)
Sordoni Gallery (Book table) Rustbelt Biennial - Wilkes-Barre PA (Aug '19)
LACP/DNJ Gallery (Juried Group) 6th Annual Members' Exhibit - Santa Monica (Aug '19) 
New York Center for Photography (Juried Group) Trees - NYC (Sep '19) First Prize
Leica Gallery (Juried Group) Personal Projects - West Hollywood CA (March '19)
SE Center for Photography (Juried Group) Black, White & Monochrome - Greenville SC (Feb '19)
Neutra Gallery (Group) One Louder - Los Angeles (Sep '18) 
Duncan Miller Gallery (Juried Group) Summer Exhibition - Santa Monica CA (Aug '18)
SE Center for Photography (Juried Group) Memory of Place - Greenville SC (Jun '18)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) Apocrypha - West Hollywood CA (Jun '18) 
Museum of the Big Bend (Juried Group) FotoTexas II: People, Places & Culture - Alpine TX (Jun '18)
Memorial Union Gallery (Juried Group) State of the Union - Fargo ND (Jan '18)
Griffin Museum of Photography (Juried Group) Tree talk - Winchester MA (Jan '18)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) Bunk - West Hollywood CA (Jan '18)
Texas Tech Univ (Juried Group) High & Dry - Lubbock TX (Nov '17) 
Camerawork Gallery (Solo) Closed on Sundays - Portland OR (Oct '17)
Davis Orton Gallery (Juried Group) 3rd Annual Group Show - Hudson NY (Aug '17)
Art Share LA (Juried Group) On The Grid - Los Angeles (July '17) 
Duncan Miller Gallery (Group) CollectorWorks Summer Show - Santa Monica (Jul '17)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Solo) Ohi:yo´- West Hollywood CA (Apr '17) 
New York Center for Photography/Jadite Gallery (Juried Group) Primary Colors - NYC (Apr '17)
SE Center for Photography (Juried Group) Architectural - Greenville SC (Apr '17)
Griffin Museum of Photography (Juried Group) 7th Annual Photobook Exhibit - Winchester MA (Mar '17)
Open Show Los Angeles#39 (Juried Group) Ohi:Yo´- Los Angeles CA (Feb '17)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) User to User - West Hollywood CA (Mar '17) 
Art Share LA (Juried Group) #MyDayInLA - Los Angeles (Feb '17)
Los Angeles Center of Photography (Juried Group) Street Shooting Around the World - Los Angeles, CA (Feb '17)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) - Open Show -West Hollywood CA (Dec '16)
Davis Orton Gallery (Juried Group) Photobook 2016 - Hudson NY (Nov '16)
Annenberg Beach House (Juried Group) Los Angeles: Detailed - Santa Monica CA (Nov '16) 
Slow Exposures (Juried Group) Rural South 2016 - Concord/La Grange GA (Sep '16)
Center for Fine Art Photography (Juried Group) Water - Ft. Collins, CO (Oct '16) 
Millard Sheets Gallery (Juried Group) Oasis - Pomona, CA (Sep '16) 
San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center (Juried Group) Flight & Flow - Los Angeles, CA (Aug '16)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) Non Sequitur - West Hollywood, CA (Jun '16)
Blackbox Gallery (Juried Group) Framed: Landscape & Architecture - Portland, OR (Jun '16)
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) Art in Architecture - Essex Junction, VT (May '16)
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (Juried Group) Text Me - Santa Ana, CA (May '16)
Open Show Pasadena#7 (Juried Group) Ohi:Yo´- Pasadena, CA (May '16)
Annenberg Theater (Juried Group) Open Desert - Palm Springs, CA (May '16)
Arena 1 Gallery/Lucie Foundation (Juried Group) Diverse City – Santa Monica, CA (Apr ’16)
Art Share LA (Juried Group) Faces in the Crowd – Los Angeles, CA (April ’16) 
Palm Springs Art Fair (Curated by Peter Frank) Oculus Clamantis in Deserto - Palm Springs, CA (Feb '16)
Keystone Gallery (Group) The LA River: A City Runs Through It - Los Angeles (Feb '16) 
Lucie Foundation @ photoLA (Juried Group) LA Group Show - Los Angeles, CA (Jan '16) 
LAAA (Juried Group) 2015 Open Show - Los Angeles, CA (Dec '15)
Open Show Pasadena (Juried Group) City Life - Pasadena, CA (Nov '15)
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) H2O - Essex Junction, VT (Dec '15
PH21 Gallery (Juried Group) City+Life - Budapest, Hungary Nov '15)
Glendale Comm College Art Gallery (Juried Group) Waterworks II - Glendale, CA (Sep '15) 
PH21 Gallery (Juried Group) Red Alert! - Budapest, Hungary (Sep '15) Honorable Mention
Art Share LA (Juried Group) Ode to the Sixth St Bridge - Los Angeles (Sep '15) 
Slow Exposures (Juried Group) 13th Annual/Rural South - Zebulon, GA (Sep '15) 
NYC4PA @ Jadite Gallery (Juried Group) Rural Impressions 2015 - NYC (Sep '15) 2nd Prize
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) B&W - Essex Jct, VT (May '15) Catalog
Black Box Gallery (Juried Group) Shadow & Light - Portland, OR (May '15)
Photoplace Gallery (Juried Group) Windows, Mirrors & Doors (May '15) 
Porch Gallery/Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (Juried Group) Water Works II - Ojai, CA (May '15)
LAAA/Gallery 825 (Juried Group) Adorn - Los Angeles, CA (Mar '15) 
1650 Gallery (Juried Group) Abstracts - Los Angeles, CA (Mar '15) 
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) Lines - Essex Jct, VT (Feb '15) Catalogue
A Smith Gallery (Juried Group) blue - Johnson City, TX (Feb '15) Honorable Mention
photoLA (Duncan Miller booth) - Los Angeles, CA (Jan '15) 
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) Con{text} - Essex Jct, VT (Jan '15) Juror's Choice
PhotoPlace Gallery (Juried Group) Marvelous Things! - Middlebury, VT (Jan '15)
1650 Gallery (Juried Group) Windows & Doors - Los Angeles (Nov '14)
Black Box Gallery (Juried Group) Color Space - Portland, OR - (Nov '14)
Photoplace Gallery (Juried Group) The Built Environment - Middlebury, VT (Oct '14) Catalog
A Smith Gallery (Juried Group) forgotten - Johnson City, TX (Sep '14) 
NY Ctr for Photographic Art (Juried Group) Transportation - NYC (Sep '14) - 1st Prize 
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) Blue - Essex Jct, VT (Aug '14)
Black Box Gallery (Juried Group) Focus: Landscape & Architecture - Portland, OR (Aug '14)
Photo Ctr NW/King Cty Metro Photomural Project (Juried Group) Mirroring Life - Seattle ('14/15)
Los Angeles Center for Photography (Juried Group) 1st Members Show (July '14) 
PhotoPlace Gallery (Juried Group) Things with Wings - Middlebury, VT (May '14) Catalog
Chungking Gallery (Group) fact + friction - Los Angeles, CA (April '14) 
photoLA (Duncan Miller booth) - Los Angeles, CA (Jan ’14) 
Center for Fine Art Photography (Juried Group) Water! - Ft Collins, CO (Aug ’13) 
Art From The Ashes (Juried Group) - Los Angeles, CA (May ’13)
Photoplace Gallery (Juried Group) Photography & Environ. Concern - Middlebury, VT  (Mar ’13)
Photoplace Gallery (Juried Group) Magic of Light - Middlebury, VT  (Jan ’13)
AMPTP/MPAA (Juried Group) Downtown: Incomplete LA - Los Angeles (Jan ’13) 
Photoplace Gallery (Juried Group) Lines - Middlebury, VT  (Jan ’13)
Int’l Cultural Center at Texas Tech Univ (Juried Group) High & Dry XI - Lubbock, TX (Dec ’11)
Duncan Miller Gallery (Juried Group) I Love LA - Los Angeles (Aug ’11) 
Pink Art Fair - (Juried Group) Seoul, South Korea (Sep ’11)
Terrell Moore Gallery (Juried Group) Downtown: Incomplete LA - Los Angeles (Apr ’11) 
Terrell Moore Gallery (Group) LA mecCA - Los Angeles (Apr ’11) MOPLA 
Int’l Cultural Center at Texas Tech Univ (Juried Group) High & Dry X- Lubbock, TX (Nov ’10)
Open Show LA#1 (Juried Group) - Los Angeles, CA (Oct ’10) 
Riverside Museum of Art (Solo) - Riverside, CA (Mar ‘10) Museum site
Annenberg Space for Photography (Juried Group) Water: Our Thirsty World - LA (Apr ’10)
Centennial Museum (Juried Group) - El Paso, TX (Jan ’10) 
Royal Caribbean “Oasis of the Seas” (Group) - (Dec ’09)
Calumet Photo In-Store Gallery (Solo) - Hollywood, CA (Nov ‘08) 
Center for Fine Art Photography (Juried Group) Works of Man - Ft Collins, CO (July ’09)
Skart Gallery (Group) - GroupLA 2008 - Santa Monica, CA (Apr ’09)
Santa Monica Pier Centennial (Group) LALOP at the Pier - Santa Monica, CA (Mar ’09) 
Calumet Photo In-Store Gallery (Group) - Santa Ana, CA (Dec ‘08)
Int’l Cultural Center at Texas Tech Univ (Group) High & Dry XIII- Lubbock, TX (Nov ‘08)
Art Miami (Dot 51 booth) -Miami, FL (Dec ‘08)
Dot 51 Gallery (Solo) Perpendicularity - Miami, FL (September ‘08) 
Arclight Cinemas (Solo) Perpendicularity - Sherman Oaks, CA (July ‘08) 
Quality Pictures (Group) - Portland, OR (June ’08) 
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) Abstractions in the Landscape - New Orleans, LA (May ‘08)
Tracy Park Gallery (Group) - Take a Look - Santa Monica, CA (March ‘08) 
Center for Fine Art Photography (Juried Group) - Ft Collins, CO (Jan ‘08)
rampART Gallery (Solo) - LAndsCApes: Curbside Enthusiasm - Los Angeles, CA (Jan ‘08) 
Darkroom Gallery (Juried Group) Red - New Orleans, LA (Oct/Nov ‘07)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental Gallery (Group) - (March ‘07) LACMA Website
Tracy Park Gallery (Solo) - Common Places/Places in Common - Santa Monica, CA (Jan ‘07) 
Pico House Gallery (Juried Group) - LA 225 - Los Angeles, CA (Sep '06)
The Gallery at Barone Studio (Group) Photography: The Other Fine Art - Bucks County, PA (Jun '06)
Artspace (Solo) - Common Places/Places in Common - Shreveport, LA (Dec ’05)  
Orlando Gallery (Group) – Los Angeles, CA (’05)
Phillips Mill Gallery (Juried Group) - New Hope, PA (May ’05)
Anne Connelly Fine Art (Solo) - Common Places/Places in Common - Baton Rouge, LA (’05) 
Millard Sheets Gallery (Juried Group) - Los Angeles, CA (04) – 4 1st prizes
Painted Bride Art Center (Juried Group) Wish You Were Here - Philadelphia, PA (Sep ‘04)
Exposure Gallery (Solo) - Camden & Wildwood & Nothing in Between - Collingswood, NJ (Jul ‘04) 
I-5 Gallery (Group) Site-Seen: Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA (Jun ‘04) 
Coastal Arts League (Juried Group) Urban Landscapes – Half Moon Bay, CA (‘04)
Image Gallery (Group) – Mattituck, NY (’03)
SoHo Gallery (Group) - Studio City, CA (’02)
Millard Sheets Gallery (Juried Group) – Los Angeles, CA (’01)
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